TD-S tandem tankers offer greater carrying capacities than single axle tankers. With capacities from 2000 – 4000 gallons (9,092 to 18,866 litres), farmers and contractors are looking for greater efficiency. TD-S tankers are fitted as standard with a swivel hitch, sprung drawbar and a high speed commercial tandem axle for operator comfort.

TD-S Range      Tandem Axle – Standard

Product Wheels Pump Capacity
2000 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 BKT FL630 9000 9547 litres
2600 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 BKT FL630 11000 11819 litres
3000 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 BKT FL630 11000 14188 litres
3500 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 BKT FL630 11000 15911 litres
4000 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 BKT FL630 11000 18866 litres

TD-S tankers also offer a fully supported barrel unique to HiSpec and reinforced baffle plates internally prevent slurry surge all which ensures a completely smooth ride. For maneuverability with these larger capacities, 2600 TD-S and above are fitted with rear steering as standard to aid turning, reduce tyre wear and also to limit soil damage. For additional safety, all TD-S commercial tandem axles are fitted with 420×180 brake shoes as standard. Air brakes can also be requested to allow even sharper braking with 50km/h tractors.

Jurop Pump

A Jurop vacuum pump is fitted as standard across the TD-S range. Jurop is a high quality pump designed and manufactured in a state of the art factory in Italy. Jurop pumps are recognised as the fastest and most powerful vacuum pumps available today. Each pump is assembled according to Jurop’s methodical standards and is carefully tested and checked. PTO driven as standard, Jurop pumps provide the most efficient method of filling or emptying your slurry tank.

Jurop pumps have a worldwide reputation for quality and minimal maintenance. Parts and service are available locally from your nearest HiSpec dealer, and the premium build of Jurop pumps ensures an extremely long working life. Additional pump improvement options can be viewed on our Options page.


Tyre choice has become one of the most important factors when considering your TD-S tank.TD-S tankers have a wide range of options to suit both field and road use. Fitted as standard on 560/60-22.5 BKT FL630 tyres, HiSpec can offer multiple options in either 22.5 or 26.5 sizes. The larger 26.5 sizes are becoming more popular as they offer lower rolling resistance, reduced wear and improved control. The speed index classes of the tyres stands for higher speeds when travelling on the road leading to significant time savings. The low rolling resistance contributes to less fuel consumption.

BKT FL630 tyre pattern offers a 50/50 (road/field) thread. BKT Ridemax FL693 M is the ideal radial tyre for those who frequently travel on the road, 75/25 (road/field).

560/60 R22.5 BKT FL630 560/60 R22.5 BKT FL693
600/50 R22.5 BKT FL693
600/55 R26.5 BKT FL630
650/55 R26.5 BKT FL630
710/50 R26.5 BKT FL630
600/55 R26.5 BKT FL693
650/55 R26.5 BKT FL693
710/50 R26.5 BKT FL693
543 (22”)  1244 (49”) 545 (21”)  1245 (49”)
611 (24”)  1175 (46”)
611 (24”)  1333 (52”)
645 (25”)  1389 (55”)
727 (29”)  1383 (55”)
611 (24”)  1333 (52”)
645 (25”)  1389 (55”)
727 (29”)  1383 (55”)

All TD-S tankers are fitted with the following features as standard:

Swivel hitch
Sprung drawbar
Parking brake
Jurop vacuum pump
Manual pump changeover
Syphon protection tank
Anti-implosion rings
Pressure relief valve
Collared dished ends
6mm British steel
3″ sight glass (x2)
Internal baffles
6″ galvanised quick attach (x1)
6″ blanked fill point (x3)
6″ hose carriers (x1)
6″ x 15′ reinforced suction hose (x1)
LED road-lights (x1)
2″ wash-down adapter
600mm hinged galvanised rear access point
Non-return hydraulic valve
Low trajectory splash-plate
Tandem sprung commercial axle
Rear steering (2600 TD-S & above)
420×180 hydraulic brakes
560/60-22.5 BKT FL630 tyres
HiSpec red paint finish

TD-S Range      Tandem Axle – Standard


Model Tyres Pump Width
Diameter D Length
Litres mm mm mm mm mm kgs
2000 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 FL630 9000 2710 7305 2850 1740 4230 4380
2500 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 FL630 11000 2710 8145 3200 1866 4910 5700
3000 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 FL630 11000 2710 8775 3200 1866 5540 6050
3500 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 FL630 11000 2710 8915 3200 1866 5670 6350
4000 TD-S 560/60 R22.5 FL630 11000 2710 8500 3350 1993 5660 6550

TD-S Specification

Product Axle  Commercial  Brake  Steering
2000 TD-S 120 x 120  Yes 420 x 180  No
2600 TD-S 120 x 120  Yes 420 x 180  Yes
3000 TD-S 120 x 120  Yes 420 x 180  Yes
3500 TD-S 120 x 120  Yes 420 x 180  Yes
4000 TD-S 120 x 120  Yes 420 x 180  Yes
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