The TS-R is an upgraded version of the TD-S. Due to a specially lowered chassis and semi-recessed barrel, we are able to manufacture tandems lower than ever before.

The TS-R is built on a narrower parabolic axle than the TD-S. This reduced axle width immediately allows us to save over 150mm overall compared to a TD-S. The TS-R is fitted with standard on 710/50 R26.5 tyres, and the reduced width makes the TS-R ideal for road conditions. The specially lowered chassis reduces the height by 150mm compared to a TD-S. This reduced height allows the TS-R to follow easier behind the tractor and reduces the risks from overhanging branches.

TS-R Range (Tandem Semi – Recessed)

3000 TS-R
3500 TS-R
4000 TS-R
TS-R Tanker
TS-R Tanker