The SA-R range of vacuum tankers features premium single-axle recessed slurry tankers for farmers and contractors alike.

The SA-R tanker range is designed to meet every farmer’s and most contractors’ needs. Additional features include a swivel hitch with a sprung drawbar for maximum operator comfort. In addition, the barrel of the SA-R tankers is recessed to include large radial tyres, which provide low rolling resistance and a more significant footprint to reduce soil damage.

SA-R Range (Single Axle – Recessed)

Product Axle Pump Capacity
1350 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 9000 6137 litres
1600 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 9000 7273 litres
2000 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 9000 9183 litres
2300 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 11000 10547 litres
2600 SA-R 800/65 R32 Alliance 11000 11,593 litres
3000 SA-R 750/60 R30.5 Alliance 11000 13784 litres
SA-R Tanker
SA-R Tanker