The XCEL rear discharge spreader provides precision manure spreading management. Our unique technology of the shredding rotor and spinning discs provide a precise application of manure. The spreading width of the XCEL is 24 metres, based on material. It has a capacity of 12 tonnes, and the load can be spread in approximately 3 minutes.

XCEL Spreader Range

Product Wheels Capacity Spreading
1250 XCEL 580/70 R38 12 tonnes / 14.5m³ 24 metres

HiSpec Build, Excellent Performance                     HiSpec-XCEL Rotor Render_Internal_section
Our unique patented and proven chain and disc spreading achieves better consistency and much greater widths than a standard vertical auger spreader. The XCEL uses two high strength marine chains to convey the manure towards the rear beater. This hydraulically driven floor complete with box iron slats provides a constant flow of
manure to the shredding rotor.

Capable of handling a wider range of manures than vertical auger spreaders, our unique rotor shreds and spreads manure in a more intensive manner to ensure a faster uptake in crop nutrition, and a reduction in time to grazing.

Shredding RotorHiSpec-XCEL-Shredding-Rotor Render

22 heavy duty marine chains along with Hardox flail heads are rotating in excess of 220rpm to intensive shred the manure. A unique feature of our chain rotor is that it allows the passage of foreign objects through the rotor. Foreign objects are more likely to cause serious damage to fixed rotor spreaders.

The enclosed Hardox hood over the rotor ensures that the manure is delivered directly to the spinning vanes. The high velocity and shredded nature of the manure ensures an even and consistent pattern in excess of 24 metres. The Hardox hood is fitted with an adjustable canopy for accurate placement of the manure onto the discs.


The XCEL is packed with features to ensure that it can cope with any manure spreading. To begin spreading, the wide angle PTO is engaged at 1000rpm to drive the rear discs and rotor. A galvanised reinforced slurry door is set to the desired height depending on the material to be spread. The slurry door height is easily viewed with an indicator on the front of the spreader.  It can be raised and lowered via a hydraulic spool as required.

The two floor chains and slatted floor convey the manure to the shredding rotor. The floor chains are manually tensioned from the front of the spreader. The double floor chain further eliminates the risk of bridging as can occur with four chain setups. The floor speed can also be hydraulically controlled from the cab.

The manure is shredded through the rotor and placed onto the spinning discs via the adjustable canopy. The large diameter spinning discs are rotating in excess of 500rpm and this additional speed helps to spread the manure in excess of 24 metres. The vanes on the discs are also adjustable to allow varying spreading patterns depending on the material to be spread. The discs are driven via a single piece gearbox. The precise gearbox casting allows perfect alignment of the driveline. All gearboxes are rated for 200HP.


The XCEL Spreader is fitted with the following features as standard:

Ring hitch
Parking brake
Wide angle PTO
Marine floor chains c/w manual tensioning
Hydraulic floor drive c/w variable cab control
Marine chain beater c/w Hardox flail heads
Galvanised reinforced slurry door c/w height indicator
Galvanised Hardox hood c/w adjustable canopy
Spinning discs c/w adjustable vanes
Central greasing to bearings
Commercial axle c/w 420×180 hydraulic brakes
Weighcell ready
580/70 R38 tyres
Automatic chain oiler
LED road-lights
HiSpec red paint finish

1250 XCEL 


Model Tyres Capacity Length
Height C Body
tonne / m³ mm mm mm mm mm kg
1250 XCEL 580/70 R38 12 / 14.5m³ 8300 3060 3085 4850 2450 6800

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