Unloading Boom and Drain
The unloading boom is designed to feed an additional working tanker in the field. The boom is ideal where travel distances are increased and time savings are required. There is also the added benefit of one tanker remaining in the field at all times. This also saves slurry and mud from being carried onto the road.

The unloading boom can be rotated hydraulically through 270º from the tractor, thus making it possible to unload on both the left and right hand sides of the tanker. The boom length of 4.8m means that hedges can be easily bridged.

Unloading boom

HiSpec_Unloading_Booms-02Manhole Top-fill and Ladder
A 600mm manhole can be fitted to the top of the tanker for  top-filling. The manhole is opened via a hydraulic ram. The manhole opens past 90º to allow the boom to swing over the opening. The manhole top-fill comes complete with a ladder for inspection purposes.




HiSpec_Unloading_Booms-03Sliding Top-fill and Ladder
A sliding top-fill can also be fitted. The sliding top-fill has the added benefit of opening horizontally. The sliding hatch also has a larger opening for the boom to reach. For closing the hatch is sealed against a large rubber gasket. The sliding top-fill is ideal to reduce the risk of a boom coming in contact with the tanker. The sliding top-fill also comes complete with a ladder for inspection.



Manhole Top-fill and ladder
Sliding Top-fill and ladder