ROCKING AXLE (16m³ maximum non-steering):
For feeders up to 16m³ that require tandem axles for road-work, the rocking axle remains a popular choice. The rocking axle features independent movement on each side of the feeder. The rocking axle allows the feeder to travel over uneven surfaces. This greatly increases operator comfort. The rocking axle is only available in non-steering format.


PARABOLIC AXLE (non-steering):
For improved comfort and minimal fuss a non-steering parabolic axle can be fitted to larger T Series feeders. The non-steering option allows the operator maximum benefits of a comfortable journey without the maintenance associated with steering axles. The tyres on the non-steering axle are spaced closer together to reduce tyre drag and excessive wear. The parabolic axle provides great comfort when travelling on the road


PARABOLIC AXLE (steering):
For maximum comfort and manoeuvrability a tandem steering axle can be fitted to larger T Series feeders. The steering allows the operators to turn easier around his yard. The tyres are spaced further apart to allow tighter turning circles than the non-steer option. The parabolic axle also allows maximum comfort for travelling on public roads. For reversing, the rear steering must be locked from the tractor to avoid excessive tyre and axle wear.



For easier maintenance and those hard to reach places, we
recommend the addition of a central greasing bank on the
side of the feeder. The central greasing bank will service all
greasing points on the tandem axle. This allows the operator
to perform time consuming maintenance in minutes.



AIR BRAKESHiSpec_Braking_System_setup
For increased braking power and improved
travelling comfort, air brakes can be fitted
to the tandem axles. Air over hydraulic
brakes will allow the feeder to be used on
any tractor.


Rocking axle
Parabolic axle (non-steering)
Parabolic axle (rear steering)

Central greasing

Air brakes