The HiSpec Straw Blower attachment is used for bedding and cubicle sheds. It can be used on any size vertical auger machine and will blow straw up to 20 metres to the right hand side of the feeder. You have instant control at your fingertips with all functions operated via an electric controller. Accurate spreading is achieved via adjustment in the two stage chute which will rotate laterally through 30ยบ.


Upon loading of the straw bale, the vertical auger begins cutting the bale and passes it to the high speed flywheel. The design of the flywheel produces a powerful blow and an efficient clean out of the blower housing. All shapes and sizes of straw bales can be used.


Electrical Controls


The blower can also be used for feeding into high troughs, round feeders or over high walls. It is fitted with a two speed gearbox, low speed for feeding and high speed for straw blowing.