The HiSpec Whisk offers farmers and contractor a powerful solution to agitate open lagoons or slatted tanks. Designed to pivot on the shaft, the whisk can easily access those hard to reach areas. This dual control gives the operator maximum ability as he can control the depth accordingly as the tank starts to mix. The whisk is fully galvanised. The HiSpec Whisk is a powerful pump that can break the most stubborn tanks with ease.

Slurry Whisk Range

Product HP Use
Whisk 100HP lagoons / slatted units


The Whisk is standard with the following features:

2 point quick attach linkage
8′ depth
Adjustable pivot position
600mm propeller
PTO shaft c/w shear pin
No PTO removal between pits
Safety platform
Suitable for lagoons or slats

Brochure for this product will be uploaded soon.