The SA-R range of vacuum tankers are premium single axle recessed slurry tankers for farmers and contractors alike. The capacities of the SA-R range from 1350 to 3000 gallons (6,137 to 13,784 litres). Sizes from 1350 upwards to 2600 come standard on a stepped axle to dramatically lower the overall height of the tanker. HiSpec also use Alliance tyres as standard on these sizes. Alliance tyres are seen as a premium quality radial tyre for heavy-duty field and hauling jobs.

SA-R Range Single Axle – Recessed

Product Wheels Pump Capacity
1350 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 28.1 (158 A8) 9000 6137 litres
1600 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 28.1 (158 A8) 9000 7273 litres
2000 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 28.1 (158 A8) 9000 9183 litres
2300 SA-R 750/70 R26 Alliance 28.1 (158 A8) 11000 10547 litres
2600 SA-R 800/65 R32 Alliance 30.5 (181 A8) 11000 11593 litres
3000 SA-R 750/60 R30.5 Trelleborg (181 D) 11000 13784 litres

The SA-R tanker range is designed to meets the needs of every farmer and most contractors. Additional features include a swivel hitch, complete with a sprung drawbar for maximum operator comfort. The barrel of the SA-R tankers is recessed to include large radial tyres which provide low rolling resistance, and a greater footprint to reduce soil damage.

All of the SA-R range is manufactured using 6mm high quality British steel. Collared dished ends are inserted into the barrel, along with the addition of internal baffle plates and anti-implosion rings to give a strong finish.

Unique to HiSpec is the double folded chassis that supports each SA-R tanker in four key areas underneath the barrel. This means that the entire underside of the barrel is fully supported across both the entire width and the length of the tank. This reduces stress on the barrel and helps to minimise weak points.

Stepped Axle

SA-R models from 1350 to 2600 gallons come standard on a stepped high speed commercial axle. This results in the rear of the tanker being lower to the ground than competitor’s models, leading to increased stability and safety on the road or on sloped grounds. The stepped axle is fitted with 420×180 hydraulic brakes as standard to increase stopping power. Air brakes can also be specified to further improve braking efficiency. HiSpec use Alliance or Trelleborg wheels as standard on our SA-R range to further improve stability.

Jurop PumpTanker_Pump

A Jurop vacuum pump is fitted as standard across the SA-R tanker range. Jurop is a high quality pump designed and manufactured in a state of the art factory in Italy. Jurop pumps are recognised as the fastest and most powerful vacuum pumps available today. Each pump is assembled according to Jurop’s methodical standards and is carefully tested and checked. PTO driven as standard, Jurop pumps provide the most efficient method of filling or emptying your slurry tank.

Jurop pumps have a worldwide reputation for quality and minimal maintenance. Parts and service are available locally from your nearest HiSpec dealer, and the premium build of Jurop pumps ensures an extremely long working life. Additional pump improvement options can be viewed on our Options page.


SA-R models from 1350 to 2300 gallons are fitted standard on 750/70 R26 Alliance tyres (28.1). The unique shoulder design ensures excellent grip and high traction efficiency. The large footprint area reduces ground pressure, minimising compaction and increasing flotation. The 2600 SA-R is fitted on 800/65 R32 Alliance tyres (30.5) (181 A8). These 30.5 tyres are upgraded to 181 A8 rating for use with increased speed or with the addition of a slurry applicator on the rear of the tanker. Strong radial construction with reinforced beads and sidewalls provide long tyre life. The 3000 SA-R is fitted with a straight axle and 750/60 R30.5 Trelleborg tyres (181 D).

Alliance and Trelleborg tyres offer higher load/speed ratings when compared with other tyre manufacturers.

23.1 x 26 750/70 R26 Alliance 28.1 800/65 R32 Alliance 30.5 750/60 R30.5 Trelleborg
850/50 R30.5 Trelleborg
590 (23”) 1600 (63”) 750 (29”) 1780 (70”) 800 (31”) 1850 (73”) 790 (31”) 1680 (66”)
875 (34”) 1630 (64”)


All SA-S tankers are fitted with the following features as standard:

All SA-R tankers are fitted with the following features as standard:

Swivel hitch
Sprung drawbarHispec-SA-R
Parking brake
Jurop vacuum pump
Manual pump changeover
Syphon protection tank
Anti-implosion rings
Pressure relief valve
Collared dished ends
6mm British steel
3″ sight glass (x2)
Internal baffles
6″ galvanised quick attach (x1)
6″ blanked fill point (x3)
6″ hose carriers (x1)
6″ x 15′ reinforced suction hose (x1)
LED road-lights (x1)
2″ wash-down adapter
600mm galvanised rear access point
Non-return hydraulic valve
Low trajectory splash-plate
Stepped commercial axle (3000 SA-R on a straight axle)
420×180 hydraulic brakes
Built-in round mudguards
HiSpec red paint finish

SA-S Range Single Axle – Standard

Model Tyres Pump Width
Length B Height C Diameter D Length L Weight
Litres mm mm mm mm mm mm
800 SA-S 15 x 22.5 9000 2285 5540 2360 1220 3020 1550
1000 SA-S 15 x 22.5 9000 2285 6020 2450 1372 3295 1780
1150 SA-S 15 x 22.5 9000 2285 6295 2450 1372 3570 1840
1350 SA-S 15 x 22.5 9000 2285 6425 2550 1524 3670 2070
1600SA-S 550/60 – 22.5 FL648 9000 2550 7245 2650 1524 4250 2350
2000 SA-S 550/60 – 22.5 FL630 9000 2550 7305 3020 1740 4260 2600

SA-S Axle Specification

Product Axle Brake
800 SA-S 80 x 80 300 x 90
1000 SA-S 80 x 80 300 x 90
1150 SA-S 80 x 80 300 x 90
1350 SA-S 80 x 80 300 x 90
1600 SA-S 80 x 80 300 x 90
2000 SA-S 100 x 100 400 x 80

HiSpec_Tanker SA-S 1600 on 21.3's with mudguards



chop while filling…..

The Vogelsang Rotacut works when placed on the suction side of a pump. The Rotacut effectively reduces floating solids in the liquid stream. Heavy solids are captured in the collection basin and eliminated entirely from the tanker. The Rotacut requires one double acting valve to operate. The Rotacut requires direct contact between the blades and the cutting screen. This is how it achieves the scissor-like cut. The blades are designed to wear over time but must wear evenly to achieve maximum lifecycle between replacements.

Auto Reverse

Auto-Reverse is how the Rotacut handles large objects by reversing the rotation of the blades until the object is cleared, reduced and passed through the screen. Auto-Reverse engages at preset intervals which keeps the blades wearing evenly. The trailing edge of the blade is sharpened as a natural effect of the cutting process. When the rotation is reversed a fresh straight edge enhances the cutting quality of the blades.



monitor mapping…


– Rugged construction
– Compact 4.3” colour display
– Intuitive user interface
– 15 built-in LED lights
– One built-in GPS receiver
– Quick installation

The Trimble EZ Guide 250 system is an entry level display providing high quality guidance capabilities at entry level price. It is ideal for farmers who desire basic precision agriculture functionality for fields that require lower accuracy corrections.

The EZ Guide 250 provide basic precision agriculture functionalities, including:

Coverage, point, line, and area mapping.
Manual guidance for a number of field patterns.
Hands free guidance be adding EZ Steer assisted steering system.
Data transfer between the field to the office with a USB drive.



6” Autofill HI Spec-AutoFill-01
6” side autofill (side mounted for 1 side only)
6” centre autofill (can fill either side)

8” Autofill
8” side autofill (side mounted for 1 side only)
8” centre autofill (can fill either side)

6” Turbofill
6” turbofill

8” Turbofill
8” turbofill


No waiting around…..keep on the move. You the operator are in complete control, all from the comfort of your cab. Our hydraulically operated autofill maximizes productivity and operator comfort whilst also reducing work time.

Available in either 6 or 8”, the autofill requires only one double acting valve for use. The autofill is side mounted as standard, with an option for centre mounted to fill from both sides.


Experience the ultimate in filling speed with a turbofill. A hydraulically driven turbofill enables higher capacities at a faster rate without overloading the pump. This will reduce the filling time as the slurry is essentially forced into the tank via the turbofill.

The turbofill is particularly suited to larger capacity tankers where the benefit of filling will be seen in shorter times. It can also help where the level of the pit has dropped and the vacuum pump is pulling slurry from greater depths.

6″ autofill brackets only 8″ autofill brackets only
6” side mounted autofill 8″ side mounted autofill
6″ centre autofill 8″ centre autofill
6″ automatic shut-off tripod 8″ automatic shut-off tripod
6” Turbofill 8” Turbofill

HI Spec-AutoFill-Tanker02HI Spec-AutoFill-Tanker03



HiSpec use bogie type axles on tandem tankers up to 4000 gallons. The design of the bogie allows for greater movement of the axle and allows improved balance over uneven ground contours. The bogie is free to rotate around a central axis and this design is particularly suited to intensive use on uneven ground. To reduce maintenance on moving axle parts, central greasing can be specified for those hard to reach greasing points.
Central greasing


All HiSpec tankers are fitted HiSpec_Braking_System_setupwith hydraulic braking as standard. All ranges except for the smaller SA-S tankers are supplied with commercial running gear and a minimum of 420×180 brake shoes as standard. For increased braking power, air over hydraulic braking can be specified. This combination of both air and hydraulic braking allows the tanker to be used with any tractor.
i) Air brakes ii) Electric break-away



HiSpec tanks are supremely welded to give the strongest and best built tank on the market. In keeping with this professional finish, all HiSpec tanks are shot-blasted prior to painting in a strong durable red paint to provide the perfect finish.

It is also possible to customise your tanker to your fleet of tractors with a wide range of colours available.

HiSpec-Body Options-PAINT
Alternative tank colour
Alternative wheel rim colour

HiSpec-Body Options-STONETRAP

All HiSpec tankers can be fitted with a rear stonetrap for the collection of stones or foreign objects within the tanker. The tanker is designed to slope towards the rear as standard. This allows stone to find their way towards the trap where they can be easily removed. This feature is extremely useful where low emission spreaders are also fitted on the tanker, as it will reduce the likelihood of stones entering the applicator.




HiSpec-Body Options-FRONT STONETRAPFor tankers that require complete emptying through a centrifugal pump then a front stonetrap is an option to slope the tanker towards the front. The front stonetrap is situated directly behind the centrifugal pump and can be easily accessed for cleaning.
Rear stonetrap
Front stonetrap




HiSpec-Body Options-CLEANING

Carry 20 litres of clean water and soap for hand-wash after those dirty slurry jobs before getting back into the tractor.

Hand-wash and soap dispenser



Keep pump oil on the tanker at all times with a 5 litre drum holder. The drum holder is galvanised for long life.






HiSpec-Body Options-STORAGE BOX
The storage box is ideal for carrying items on the tanker. The storage box has no lid. It has a perforated bottom to allow water and dirt to fall through. The storage box is approximately 1m in width so larger items are easily carried.


HiSpec-Body Options-TOOL BOX
The tool box is complete with a lockable hinged lid. The lid helps to keep the contents of the toolbox clean. The lid can also be locked for secure storage of tools. The tool box is also galvanised as standard for additional protection.

5 litre oil drum holder
Storage box
Tool box

Centrifugal Options


Centrifugal pumps use a shaft driven impeller rotating inside a casing to propel liquid slurry. The speed of the impeller allows the slurry to exit the pump at a much greater velocity. These types of pumps can also be used for piping systems due to the high flow rates that can be achieved. A pump change-over allow either the vacuum or centrifugal pump to be used.

The Jurop Julia pump is a combination of two pumps:

vacuum / centrifugal capacity
Jurop Julia 84 9000 / 5000 2000 gallons & below
Jurop Julia 106 11000 / 5000 2300 gallons & above
Jurop Julia 140 14000 / 5000 optional

HiSpec use Jurop Julia Centrifugal pumps as standard for the disposal of slurry under wet conditions. Standard with a rain-gun, it is also possible to feed a rear spreading implement or and umbilical system via the centrifugal system. A hydraulically operated rain-gun can jet slurry through 360° and up to a distance of 45m as standard. A rear stonetrap and wide angle PTO are provided as standard for additional pump protection. Centrifugal systems are ideal for slurry spreading in wet weather or over unfavorable ground conditions.

Jurop Julia combination pump
360º rain-gun
Rear stonetrap
Wide angle PTO

Rotates through 360°


A Battioni Pagani GARDA system can also be fitted in lieu of Julia. A MEC vacuum pump can be combined with a high pressure GARDA centrifugal pump for higher pressure.

The GARDA MEC pump is a combination of two pumps:

HI-Spec_Centrifugal Main

vacuum / centrifugal capacity
GARDA MEC 9000 9000 / 6500 2000 gallons & below
GARDA MEC 11000 11000 / 6500 2300 gallons & above
GARDA MEC 13500 13500 / 6500 optional

Battioni GARDA combination pump
360º rain-gun
Rear stonetrap
Wide angle PTO


A Battioni Pagani GARDA EVO system can also be fitted in lieu of Julia. An 11000 Battioni pump complete with a DODA L35 ensures that you have the perfect combination for splash-plate and umbilical work. This dual pump gives the high performance of an 11000 litre vacuum pump for fast and efficient tanker filling, combing with the benefits of a well proven DODA L35 high pressure slurry pump to allow operation of umbilical systems direct from the feed tanker.

The GARDA EVO dual pump runs with 1000rpm input speed. The compact design of the pump makes it ideal for drawbar mounting on slurry tankers, allowing the DODA pump to be run in a flooded suction capacity, helping to increase pumping efficiency.

11000 litre Battioni vacuum pump
DODA L35 PTO drive centrifugal pump
360º rain-gun
Rear stonetrap
Wide angle PTO


For increased umbilical pumping distances, a DODA L35 pump can be added in combination with a hydraulic driven vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is used to fill the tanker and spread via splashplate as standard. The DODA L35 pump can be fitted with a SAFALLA arm for automatic locking to your umbilical piping.

HI-Spec_tankersHI-Spec_Centrifugal Options-Insertion
3500 TD-S with DODA pump & SAFALLA Arm DODA Pump

DODA FEATURES:HI-Spec_Centrifugal-Supplier-ODDA-Pumps
11000 litre Jurop hydraulic drive vacuum pump
DODA L35 PTO drive centrifugal pump
8” hydraulic gate valve to rear of DODA pump
Rear stonetrap


A SAFALLA Arm is the most efficient method of connecting to your umbilical system. The arm is hydraulically lowered to automatically connect to a non-return pod. This non-return pod is in turn connected to the umbilical piping. The SAFALLA Arm and pod is the cleanest and quickest method for carrying out umbilical work with tankers.

2600 SA-R c/w DODA, raingun & SAFALLA Arm SAFALLA Arm

Jurop Julia 84 GARDA MEC 9000
Jurop Julia 106 GARDA MEC 11000
Jurop Julia 140 GARDA MEC 13500
Upgrade 11000 Battioni to 13500 DODA L35 c/w hydraulic 11000 Jurop
Add rain-gun to DODA system
SAFALLA Arm & stand
Up / down adjustable rain-gun
4” T-valve for umbilical connection
8” hydraulic valve before pump



For increased productivity and fingertip controls of your tanker.HiSpec_Tanker-electrical_controls-01
Cab operated switches perform functions through load sensing
hydraulics. Each function is clearly labelled for easy operation.
The electric controls are customised to each tanker to ensure
ease of use.

Less than 5 functions incl load sensing
5 to 10 functions incl load sensing
10+ functions incl loading sensing



All HiSpec tanker models come standard with:

(x1) 6” galvanised fill point complete
(x3) 6” blanked fill point
(x1) 6” x 15’ reinforced suction hose
(x1) 6″ hose carriers

Additional fill points and hoses may be added as optional extras.

HiSpec uses PERROT couplings to fit the suction hose to the quick attach. The Perrot fitting along with the U-clamp is seen as the strongest fitting; however the suction hose needs to be aligned straighter towards the fill point. Bauer fittings can be specified to cope better with imperfect alignments to the fill point. All options above are also available in 8”.









Options – Fill Points

6″ blank fill point 8″ blank fill point
6″ fill point complete 8″ blank fill point
6″ hydraulic fill point 8″ hydraulic fill point

Bauer fittings in lieu of Perrot

A single 6” x 15’ reinforced suction hose is supplied as standard with each HiSpec tanker. Hoses can also be supplied in 20’ lengths and with the addition of double end fittings for even longer pipework. The 6” pipework is most common due to its ease of use and relative low weight.

Pipework is also available in 8” diameter to increase flow rate, and to provide increased suction with thicker slurry. The 8” pipework will fill the tanker faster than a standard 6” however the additional weight and handling of the 8” pipe will need to be co

nsidered if moving from pit to pit.








Reinforced suction hoses Double end fittings

Options – Hoses & Carriers

6″ x 15′ suction hose 8″ x 15′ suction hose
6″ x 20′ suction hose 8″ x 20′ suction hose
6″ double end fittings 8″ double end fittings
6″ hose carriers 8″ hose carriers
6” or 8” non-drip hose tray





For maximum protection vacuum tankers can be hot dipped in a galvanise bath to provide an anti-corrosion coating both inside and out. The hot-dip galvanization happens at a temperature of 450°C. During this process, the steel is covered with three coatings made of a mix of steel and zinc, as well as with an outer coating of pure zinc. The quality of workmanship in HiSpec slurry tanks together with the galvanisation guarantees an efficient protection.

Note: Capacities of 4000 gallons & upwards may require altered dimensions to accommodate the galvanising process.



Each HiSpec tanker is fitted with a 600mm hinged galvanised rear access manhole for cleaning out. With tankers now transporting a variety of slurry of varying viscosity, cleaning out the tanker has become a more difficult problem. To combat this, HiSpec has numerous methods to gain easier access inside your tanker.Internal And Access Options-01
The addition of or relocation of an access door to the side of the tanker allows the operator to enter the barrel from the side. This is particularly useful when a low emission spreader is fitted on the tanker.

Hi-Spec_Internal And Access Options-02900mm REAR DOOR
A larger 900mm access door
can be fitted in lieu of 600mm
to the rear of the tanker to
allow easier access inside the
barrel. This 900mm door is
hinged and opens the same
as the 600mm. It allows much
easier access for cleaning

Hi Spec_Internal And Access Options-03FULLY OPENING REAR DOOR
A fully opening rear dished end provides unrivalled
access into the tanker. The rear dished end is hinged on
large 20mm hinges and is secured using manual clamps
to the perimeter of the dish. A large rubber seal is used
between the door and the barrel to create an adequate
sealing. This rear door allows the operator to enter the
barrel safely and also allows hazardous vapours to exit
the tanker faster.





For extremely thick or slurries where settlement can occur, the HiSpec internal agitator can ensure that the slurry is kept in constant motion. The internal agitator prevents sediment build up within the tank. The internal agitator is hydraulically operated from the cab. The internal agitator is supported the length of the tanker to ensure that the full tanker is constantly stirred during transportation.

Hi-Spec_Internal And Access Options-04Internal Agitator
hydraulically controlled










600mm side door
900mm rear door
Fully opening rear door

Internal agitator
Internal agitator brackets only


know when you’re full….
HI-Spec_Level Indicator Options-01HI-Spec_Level Indicator Options-02HI-Spec_Level Indicator Options-02




3″ Sight glasses Sight tube Porthole Windows

3″ sight glasses are fitted as standard to all HiSpec slurry tankers. For improved indication of slurry levels, a full length sight tube or porthole windows can be fitted as an optional extra. These provide a constant indicator of slurry levels and are particularly useful when a low emission spreader is fitted on the tank.

3″ sight glass
Sight tube
Porthole windows (x3)


be safe, be seen…..
HiSpec - Tanker Lighting selection

Travelling on the road, add additional road lighting to your tanker to be safe and be seen. HiSpec vacuum tankers are fitted with a single set of LED road-lights as standard. Additional road-lights and beacons can be fitted to increase visibility and provide warning to other road users.

Working in the evenings or late into the night, you can also add work-lights to your tank to keep the work going. Reversing or discharge cameras can be fitted for manoeuvring into those difficult places or for monitoring spreading.

Flashing beacon Reflective stripes
LED work-light Number-plate holder & light
LED strobe beacon Reversing camera c/w monitor
LED square road-lights
LED hamburger style road-lights

HiSpec_Lighting Options


Future proof your tanker with applicator brackets. Each applicator has its own characteristics in regard to weight, width, so it is vital that the correct brackets are chosen to suit any future implement.

The AgQuip Dribble Bar rests on the rear manhole with the addition of any A-frame carrier. The weight of the dribble bar is approximately 480kgs. There is additional reinforcement to carry the weight of the dribble bar. The dribble bar does not exert a pulling force on the ground so it does not need to be inserted into the chassis.
The AgQuip Trailing Shoe is supported on a lifting mast. The lifting mast is cantilevered from the chassis of the tanker and also supported on the rear dished end. The axle of the tanker is pushed backwards approximately 200mm to take the weight of the trailing shoe. The trailing shoe weighs approximately 700kgs. There is a pulling force exerted on the ground with the use of the trailing shoe so there is a need for the additional reinforcement within the tanker chassis.

Bomech Trailing Shoes up to 8.8m are supported with the same cantilevered technique from the chassis. The trailing shoes are relatively light in weight, 680kgs. Larger Bomech trailing shoes 12m and upwards are supported on a four point linkage system due to their increased weight and supported width.

The addition of the four point linkage brackets allows the farmer / contractor to add any implement at a later date. The chassis is reinforced internally to take the weight of the future unit. The threaded linkage is then simply bolted on at a later date as required.

The four point Linkage system from HiSpec allows the farmer to carry any implement on the rear of the tanker. The linkage is particularly suited to heavy implements. The linkage allows the implement to be lifted up and down. The implement can also be removed easily from the tanker via quick attach.

AgQuip Dribble Bar brackets

AgQuip Trailing Shoe brackets Bomech Trailing Shoe brackets

Four Point Linkage brackets only Four Point Linkage


add more pumping power…..

9000 litre Jurop pump – standard up to 2000 gallon
11000 litre Jurop pump – standard from 2300 gallon upwards
14000 litre Jurop pump – optional extra


Vacuum tankers up to & including 2000 gallons are fitted with a Jurop 9000 litre pump as standard. 2300 gallons & above are fitted with a Jurop 11000 litre pump. Manual pump changeover is standard, along with a syphon tank for maximum pump protection. The vacuum pump creates an atmospheric pressure difference in order to fill or empty the tanker. When the vacuum is created within the tanker, the outside atmospheric pressure is responsible for pushing the slurry into the tanker. When spreading, the opposite occurs. Pressure is increased within the tank and this increase in pressure within the tank allows the slurry to be spread via splashplate or rear implement.

Options such as hydraulic changeover, exhaust can all help to improve pump performance.

HiSpec_Pump_Options-01Go Safer
Hydraulically driven pumps offer greater safety to the operator by eliminating a PTO. This allows for increased efficiency with constant spreading or filling through corners without any damage to the pump. The hydraulic driven pump is simple to use and requires one double acting spool and a ¾” non-restricted return.

HiSpec_Pump_Options-02Go Quieter
Reduce noise levels during pump operation and provide a cleaner environment around your farm. Exhaust fumes are diverted through the chassis where excess oil is collected to keep your pump and yard clean.


HiSpec_Pump_Options-03Go Faster
Switch between vacuum and spreading at convenience and speed. Have your tank primed for refilling before you even reach the pit with a hydraulic change-over added to your pump.


Hydraulic changeover
Exhaust silencer
Wide angle PTO

11000 litre pump in lieu of 9000
14000 litre pump in lieu of 11000

Hydraulic driven 9000 pump
Hydraulic driven 11000 pump
Hydraulic driven 14000 pump


Unloading Boom and Drain
The unloading boom is designed to feed an additional working tanker in the field. The boom is ideal where travel distances are increased and time savings are required. There is also the added benefit of one tanker remaining in the field at all times. This also saves slurry and mud from being carried onto the road.

The unloading boom can be rotated hydraulically through 270º from the tractor, thus making it possible to unload on both the left and right hand sides of the tanker. The boom length of 4.8m means that hedges can be easily bridged.

Unloading boom

HiSpec_Unloading_Booms-02Manhole Top-fill and Ladder
A 600mm manhole can be fitted to the top of the tanker for top-filling. The manhole is opened via a hydraulic ram. The manhole opens past 90º to allow the boom to swing over the opening. The manhole top-fill comes complete with a ladder for inspection purposes.




HiSpec_Unloading_Booms-03Sliding Top-fill and Ladder
A sliding top-fill can also be fitted. The sliding top-fill has the added benefit of opening horizontally. The sliding hatch also has a larger opening for the boom to reach. For closing the hatch is sealed against a large rubber gasket. The sliding top-fill is ideal to reduce the risk of a boom coming in contact with the tanker. The sliding top-fill also comes complete with a ladder for inspection.



Manhole Top-fill and ladder
Sliding Top-fill and ladder