add more pumping power…..

9000 litre Jurop pump   –   standard up to 2000 gallon
11000 litre Jurop pump   –   standard from 2300 gallon upwards
14000 litre Jurop pump   –   optional extra

Vacuum tankers up to & including 2000 gallons are fitted with a Jurop 9000 litre pump as standard. 2300 gallons & above are fitted with a Jurop 11000 litre pump. Manual pump changeover is standard, along with a syphon tank for maximum pump protection. The vacuum pump creates an atmospheric pressure difference in order to fill or empty the tanker. When the vacuum is created within the tanker, the outside atmospheric pressure is responsible for pushing the slurry into the tanker. When spreading, the opposite occurs. Pressure is increased within the tank and this increase in pressure within the tank allows the slurry to be spread via splashplate or rear implement.

Options such as hydraulic changeover, exhaust can all help to improve pump performance.

HiSpec_Pump_Options-01Go Safer
Hydraulically driven pumps offer greater safety to the operator by eliminating a PTO. This allows for increased efficiency with constant spreading or filling through corners without any damage to the pump. The hydraulic driven pump is simple to use and requires one double acting spool and a ¾” non-restricted return.

HiSpec_Pump_Options-02Go Quieter
Reduce noise levels during pump operation and provide a cleaner environment around your farm. Exhaust fumes are diverted through the chassis where excess oil is collected to keep your pump and yard clean.


HiSpec_Pump_Options-03Go Faster
Switch between vacuum and spreading at convenience and speed. Have your tank primed for refilling before you even reach the pit with a hydraulic change-over added to your pump.


Hydraulic changeover
Exhaust silencer
Wide angle PTO

11000 litre pump in lieu of 9000
14000 litre pump in lieu of 11000

Hydraulic driven 9000 pump
Hydraulic driven 11000 pump
Hydraulic driven 14000 pump