The Mixmax Paddle feeder uses a single rotor with individual paddle arms to rotate the mix at approximately 7-8 rpm per minute. The paddle arms sweep the feed to the top of the mixing chamber. The feed also passes between the serrated knives where additional cutting is performed on the fibres. The mix reaches the top of the mixing chamber and gently tumbles back into the mixing chamber. The specifically designed paddles are fitted with angled sweepers and these push the mix along the entire feeder body. These angled sweepers guarantee complete end to end mixing of all the ingredients.

Mixmax Range      Paddle Feeder

Product Wheels Axle Capacity
MM10 355/50 R22.5 Single 10m³
MM14 355/50 R22.5 Single 14m³
MM16 385/55 R22.5 Single 16m³
MM18 385/55 R22.5 Single 18m³
MM21 385/55 R22.5 Single 21m³
MM24 385/55 R22.5 Tandem (rear steering) 24m³

HiSpec_Mixmax 24


The FEED-FLO was developed on the Mixmax range to create a more even mix. Each paddle is essentially angled to move the feed along the entire body of the mixer. The angled paddles gently lift the feed out of the mixing chamber and allow it to fall back down. This FEED-FLO action offers greater end to end mixing inside the body using very low horsepower requirements. To discharge the mix, the angled paddles are positioned to bring the feed directly towards the discharge door.

Low Horsepower

The Mixmax has built a strong reputation on the low horsepower requirement to operate the machine. A single chain and planetary gearbox is used to rotate a large sprocket at the front of the machine. This large sprocket is used to rotate the rotor and paddles. This simple design is used for all functions of the machine including mixing and emptying, and also produces an even and consistent mix. This functional action ensures an extremely low horsepower requirement and minimal maintenance over the life of the machine.

All Mixmax Feeders are fitted with the following features as standard:

Ring hitch
Single discharge door to left hand side
Teaser roller
Adjustable chute
540rpm PTO drive
Heavy duty planter gearbox
4 x Digi-Star weigh-cells
Programmable Digi-Star EZ3410 readout display
Reinforced double chassis
5mm body thickness
Serrated knives
Parking brake
Hydraulic brakes
Viewing ladder
LED road-lights
HiSpec red paint finish

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