Extend the life of your feeder with an internal liner.

HARDOX 450HiSpec_Mixmax_Liners
A Hardox 450 wear plate can be fitted onto the existing 5mm
body plate. This will extend the life of the feeder as the Hardox
plate will strengthen the belly of the feeder, where the pressure
is at its greatest. The Hardox plate is fully welded into position
to ensure that there are no gaps between the body plate and
the Hardox.

STAINLESS STEELHiSpec_Mixmax_Liners_internal
As an alternative option to Hardox, a 3mm stainless steel liner
can be inserted. The natural property of stainless allows the
feed to slide along the feeder body easier without much friction.
Stainless steel also has a high corrosion resistance against any
feed material. The stainless is fully welded above the 5mm body
sheet for increased strength.

Hardox 450
Stainless steel