Easier control of your Mixmax.

Manual Spool BlockHiSpec_Mixmax_Controls_mounted
A manual spool block can be fitted to a Mixmax feeder where
there is a limitation on the number of available spool valves
relative to the Mixmax. The manual spool block can perform
a number of functions all through a single spool valve on the



Electric ControlsHiSpec_Mixmax_Control_unit
Electric controls can be specified as an alternative to allow the
operator to control all functions from the tractor cab. The
electric controls are particularly useful where there is a larger
array of functions to be performed on the Mixmax. The push
buttons electric controls will perform all functions through
electro-hydraulics positioned on the feeder.



Digi-Star CC400HiSpec_Mixmax_Controls_mounted_operating
Control exactly what you load into the Mixmax with a Digi-Star
Cab Control 400. The Cab Control allows the operator to easily
see and adjust the loading accordingly all from the comfort of
the loader. Individual recipes, changes to herd numbers and
diets can all be altered from the loader cab without affecting
the mixer performance.


Manual spool block
Electric controls
Digi-Star CC400