The HiSpec Blending Plant uses the same efficient Feed-Flo mixing system as the farm models. Pellets, meal and minerals are all gently incorporated together to form a highly uniform blend. A digital weighing system allows individual ingredients to be accurately measured. A gentle mixing (8 rpm) ensures minimum break-up of the mix. Once the mixing is complete, the rotating paddles sweeps out the mix. Large and small batches of blends can be prepared and depending on the model size, 2 to 3 mixes can be completed each hour.

Blending Plant Range     Paddle Mixer

Product Drive Capacity
BP10 37kW motor 6137 litres
BP14 45kW motor 7273 litres
BP16 55kW motor 9183 litres
BP18 75kW motor 10547 litres
BP24 110kW motor 11593 litres

Mixmax Blending

Mounted on a special heavy-duty frame, the Mixmax Blending Plant range is powered by a three phase electric motor combined with an electrically driven hydraulic power pack. A hydraulically operated discharge door (both side and Bombay discharge doors are available) allows rapid emptying of the blend once mixed. A hydraulically operated molasses pipe can also be added over the blending to ensure an even distribution of molasses to the mix.

A large range of option are available on the Mixmax Blending Plant range including:

Bombay discharge doors (x2)
Electrically controlled solenoids
Molasses Dribble bar
6” safety mesh cover
Chassis support legs
GT 400 cab control
Digi-Star RD 4000 scoreboard display
Automatic chain oiler
Hardox or stainless internal liner
8mm body