Mastek PUDB – Professional Universal Dribble Bar

The 7.5m Mastek Professional Dribble Bar is the most robust dribble bar on the Irish marketplace. Made in Ireland to suit our harsh conditions, the PUDB has unique features to ensure high performance. Mounted on the existing tanker manhole the PUDB weighs just 425kgs. It features unique spring loaded arms to provide collision protection on the dribble bar. Splash-plate and rear fill points are also fitted as standard. The PUDB uses lay flat hosing for maximum ground clearance and an integrated stonetrap ensures collection of heavy debris. Lastly, the Mastek uses the proven Super Cut chopper with 6 serrated blades to ensure maximum cutting and even distribution.

Mastek PUDB Dribble Bar Specification

Outlets  Weight  Transport Macerator
7.5m Mastek PUDB  28  450kg 2.6m  Super Cut