HiSpec Macerator

HiSpec has developed its own macerator to offer a complete package for low emission applicators. Circular in shape the X Cut has a central rotor with three blades per side. The blades are double sided to allow the rotor to be driven in both directions to prolong blade life. The blades are self sharpening against the cutting screen via two internal springs which are constantly tensioning the blade against the screen.

The slurry inlet on the top of the macerator allows stone grit to fall into the collection sock below. Upon build up this grit can be easily released. A large inspection hatch is fitted on the front of the macerator for quick inspection. HiSpec use the same macerator across our applicator range to ensure continuity of parts and production efficiency.

hispec macerator

Large inspection hatch removed above for maintenance and quick inspection. Stone sock shown as blue lay-flat.

Right side plate removed to highlight cutting blades. This plate is removed for blade and cutting screen replacement.

Slurry inlet is mounted on top to allow stone grit to fall into collection sock below.

Self sharpening blades are tensioned against the cutting screens via two internal springs and inserts. Springs are protected within the box iron from foriegn objects inside the chopper. Blades are self sharpening and can operate in either direction. Replacement is quick and convenient.