be safe, be seen…..
HiSpec - Tanker Lighting selection

Travelling on the road, add additional road lighting to your tanker to be safe and be seen. HiSpec vacuum tankers are fitted with a single set of LED road-lights as standard. Additional road-lights and beacons can be fitted to increase visibility and provide warning to other road users.

Working in the evenings or late into the night, you can also add work-lights to your tank to keep the work going. Reversing or discharge cameras can be fitted for manoeuvring into those difficult places or for monitoring spreading.

Flashing beacon                                                               Reflective stripes
LED work-light                                                                  Number-plate holder & light
LED strobe beacon                                                          Reversing camera c/w monitor
LED square road-lights
LED hamburger style road-lights

HiSpec_Lighting Options