HiSpec Trail-S

HiSpec is now offering an in-house trailing shoe solution to complement our tanker range. The HiSpec Trail-S is available in 6, 7.5, 9 and 10.5 metre working widths. The Trail-S features a robust chassis mounted mast. The mast ensures that the shoe is properly supported to the tanker. The axle is also moved back to ensure the tanker is perfectly balanced. The Trail-S uses individual spring legs and hardened coulters to part the grass and open the surface of the soil in one pass.

Sprung Coulters

The Trail-S features individually sprung legs with toughened coulters to gently part the grass and open up the soil. The downward pressure applied to the legs ensures that the coulter is in constant contact with the ground. This contact is essential to create the optimum channel for nutrient uptake. The trailing rubber boot then deposits the slurry directly into the open channel to reduce contamination. Once spreading is complete, the parted grass comes together again, minimising evaporation and saving on fertiliser.

The HiSpec trail-S features a number of unique features. The trailing shoes fold down to reduce overall height. The HiSpec trailing shoe can also be used as a dribble bar, without any contact with the ground if required. There is also the ability to use either fill point behind the shoe, or the splashplate without any alterations. The 9 and 10.5 metre Trail-S will also feature a unique hydraulic self-levelling, whereby each arm of the trailing shoe will lift as it passes over a side incline. This ensures that the shoe is working perfectly over its entire width and that pressure on the springs is distributed evenly.

Folding Ends

The HiSpec Trail-S fold away nicely. All shoes feature unique folding to reduce overall height. This reduced height means safer travel on roads and freer movement on farms. The Trail-S can be reversed under lower roofs than competitors’ models.

Side Incline Suspension

The 9 and 10.5 metre Trail-S features a unique side incline suspension. As the outer arms pass over an incline, a large amount of pressure is placed on the outer legs. This excess pressure is now diverted to an accumulator which allows the arm to lift for protection and ensure even distribution across the entire shoe.

Integrated Stonetrap

The Trail-S is fitted with an integrated stonetrap. Slurry exits the tanker from the side of the manhole where it passes directly into the ExaCut. Stones and heavy debris are collected in both the ExaCut sock and also in the rear integrated stonetrap as they are pushed out towards the splashplate for easy removal.


A splashplate is also included with all Trail-S. The splashplate is fixed as normal operating height and fed directly from the manhole. There are no long 6” feed hoses to reconnect, and you simply select the separate spool at the tractor to splashplate.


Standard Specification for HiSpec  Trailing Shoe

Chassis mounted galvanised mast
Sprung legs for ground pressure
Electric control box
Splashplate in-situ
Lighting kit

HiSpec Trailing Shoe Specification

Outlets/Dist  Weight  Transport Macerator
6m HiSpec Trail-S  24 / 25cm  700kg  2.55m YES
  7.5m HiSpec Trail-S  30 / 25cm  850kg  2.55m  YES
9m HiSpec Trail-S  36 / 25cm  1,000kg  2.55m  YES
10.5m HiSpec Trail-S  30 / 25cm  1,150kg  2.55m  YES