HiSpec Dribble Bar – Chassis Mount


HiSpec manufacture our own chassis mounted dribble bars to provide a factory fit solution for low emission spreading. Our 7.5m dribble bar is supported on chassis box frames so that the full weight is transferred to the tank chassis. There is no weight carried on the rear manhole. Additional reinforcement is placed along the tanker chassis during manufacture to support the dribble bar weight.

Weighing in at just 500kg, the dribble bar is lightweight and fully galvanised. The frame is tied to the dished end for stability. The distributor and arms are carried on the fixed mast. Both arms are spring loaded for protection.

A junction box is attached for rear filling, additional stone collection, and splashplating. The junction box has an outlet underneath for the easy removal of stones. Splashplating is simple via changing tractor spool.


Large diameter 40mm outlet pipes allow a precise flow of slurry to the lay-flat hosing. The lay flat hosing boasts high ground clearance which is a benefit over uneven ground.

LED lighting ensure the dribble bar is ready for work.

The dribble bar is also easy removable, should a contractor wish to revert to a conventional tanker.
Simply by removing the top pin, the dribble bar can be lifted up and away from the tanker to revert to a
conventional tanker setup. All hydraulics connections are quick release.


Standard Specification for HiSpec Dribble Bar

HiSpec Mascerator c/w stonetrap & manual forward/reverse
26cm shoe spacing
Single spool operation
Splashplate in situ
Lighting kit

AgQuip Trailing Shoe Specification

Outlets/Dist  Weight  Transport Macerator
7.5m HiSpec Dribble  30 / 26cm  475kg  2.2m YES
9m HiSpec Dribble  40/ 26cm  450kg  2.4m  YES