All HiSpec tanker models come standard with:

6” galvanised fill point complete        x1
6” blanked fill point                                    x3
6” x 15’ reinforced suction hose        x1
6″ hose carriers                                            x1

Additional fill points and hoses may be added as optional extras.

HiSpec uses PERROT couplings to fit the suction hose to the quick attach. The Perrot fitting along with the U-clamp is seen as the strongest fitting; however the suction hose needs to be aligned straighter towards the fill point. Bauer fittings can be specified to cope better with imperfect alignments to the fill point. All options above are also available in 8”.








Options – Fill Points

 6″ blank fill point  8″ blank fill point
 6″ fill point complete  8″ blank fill point
 6″ hydraulic fill point  8″ hydraulic fill point


A single 6” x 15’ reinforced suction hose is supplied as standard with each HiSpec tanker. Hoses can also be supplied in 20’ lengths and with the addition of double end fittings for even longer pipework. The 6” pipework is most common due to its ease of use and relative low weight.

Pipework is also available in 8” diameter to increase flow rate, and to provide increased suction with thicker slurry. The 8” pipework will fill the tanker faster than a standard 6” however the additional weight and handling of the 8” pipe will need to be considered if moving from pit to pit.







Reinforced suction hoses               Double end fittings

Options – Hoses & Carriers

6″ x 15′ suction hose  8″ x 15′ suction hose
6″ x 20′ suction hose 8″ x 20′ suction hose
6″ double end fittings 8″ double end fittings
6″ hose carriers 8″ hose carriers
6” or 8” non-drip hose tray