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Hi Spec Bomech-Trailing-Shoe
HiSpec has been partnered with Bomech for many years to offer the latest solutions for Trailing Shoe systems. Bomech has many trailing shoe solutions based on the farmers requirements, the most common solutions used for HiSpec tankers are:

Bomech Flex                      7.5 or 8.8m working width            Folds up behind tanker
Bomech Speedy               12 or 15m working width              Folds along tanker sides

The Bomech Trailing Shoe technology with ‘active contact pressure’ of at least 6-10 kg per Trailing Shoe provides optimal nutrition usage to plants. Reducing leaf contamination also improves the quality of the basic feed and boosts the cattle’s feed intake. Once the slurry is distributed, the grass covering comes together again, minimising evaporation of valuable nutrients. This increased uptake in nutrients leads to a large reduction on the use of chemical fertilisers.

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Bomech Flex

The Flex Trailing Shoe system is a compact and lightweight slurry spreader available in a working widths of 7.5 or 8.8m. The system is easy to mount on any tank. The Bomech Flex 7.5m weighs just 620kg so it remains light, yet strong. The Bomech Flex folds up inverted and then inwards for transport position. This prevents any slurry from dripping during road transport. It also means that the Flex is both high off the ground and below the overall height of the tanker during transport so contact is avoided. During operation, the Bomech Flex has its own integrated automatic level adjustment system which allows the trailing shoe to adjust to the ground contours.

The Bomech Trailing Shoe technology enables plants to absorb nutrients from slurry faster and reduces leaf contamination. Bomech has developed a unique ‘constant active pressure’ on the Flex whereby each leg has between 6 – 10 kg pressure at any one time. Too little pressure will not open the soil enough to allow the nutrients to flow in, too much pressure will lead to grass damage as the shoe will be too forceful on the ground. This ensures better quality feed and boosts the feed intake of cattle. Once the slurry has been deposited, the plant growth returns to its original position, minimising evaporation. One exact Vogelsang Exa-Cut distributor with a stonetrap ensures precise distribution of the slurry. The Bomech Flex comes complete with an in-cab controller for easy operation.

Spreading via splashplate will result in up to 80% of available nitrogen being lost to the atmosphere as ammonia. Trials have shown that trailing shoe techniques will cut losses by 69% and increase grass yields.

Flex Features:
1.            Lightweight
2.            Automatic level adjustment
3.            Exa-Cut distributor c/w stonetrap
4.            Electro-hydraulic controls
5.            Folds simply and compactly behind the tanker
6.            Flex can be raised, preventing soiling of headlands, leakage on streets and agricultural roads
7.            Easy installation
8.            Can drive up to 20km/h in working position

Flex 7.5m Technical:                                                                                       Flex 8.8m Technical:
Working width of 7.5m                                                                                  Working width of 8.8m
Transport width of 2.55m                                                                             Transport width of 2.95m
Weight of 620kgs                                                                                             Weight of 680kgs
Hose interval of 22cm                                                                                    Hose interval of 22cm
Number of outputs 32                                                                                   Number of outputs 40

Hi Spec Bomech-Trailing-Shoe02

Bomech Speedy

The Bomech Speedy Trailing Shoe system is very lightweight. This is the lightest series on the market. The Speedy is available with a working width of 12 and 15m. The 12m machine weighs just 1,075kg.

The Speedy can be mounted simply on new HiSpec slurry tanks. The newly developed controls for this type require only one double-acting valve on the tractor. All functions, such as folding in and out, lifting and lowering, operation of macerator and the gate valve are automatically turned on in sequence. As a standard, the arm extensions are secured using a three dimensional impact protection system. One 6” connection supplies both Exa-Cut distributors with slurry for optimal lateral distribution across a working width of 12 or 15 metres

The Speedy has an automatic level adjustment system on the middle frame and on both side arms. This allows the spreader to adapt to even the most difficult landscape conditions. The system also has a new ‘wing suspension’. This significantly reduces static and dynamic stress on the frame and on the hydraulic cylinders. This new technology allows Bomech to manufacture the lightest Trailing Shoe systems on the market, with a working width of 12 or 15m.

Speedy Features:
1.            Very low weight
2.            Automatic level adjustment
3.            Two Exa-Cut distributors c/w stonetrap
4.            Automatic control system
5.            Folds simply along the tanker
6.            Speedy can be raised, preventing soiling of headlands, leakage on streets and agricultural roads
7.            Easy installation
8.            Can drive up to 20km/h in working position

Speedy 12m Technical:                                                                       Speedy 15m Technical:
Working width of 12m                                                                                   Working width of 15m
Transport width of 2.99m                                                                             Transport width of 2.99m
Weight of 1,075kgs                                                                                          Weight of 1,150kgs
Hose interval of 25cm                                                                                    Hose interval of 25cm
Number of outputs 48                                                                                   Number of outputs 60