Mastek PUDB – Professional Universal Dribble Bar

The Bomech Disc Injector is a system only applicable on grassland. It is not suitable to situations with stones. It is available in working width of 6.4 & 7.2m. The Bomech Disc Injector is easy to mount on any tank with a 4 point linkage. The tanker will also be reinforced along the chassis internally to accommodate the 4 point linkage. By injecting the slurry directly into the grass this technology allows the plants faster access to nutrients. Furthermore, by reducing leaf contamination, it also improves the quality of the basic feed and positively affects the cattle’s feed intake. Once output is complete, the parted plants move back together, minimising odour.

Disc Features:
1.            Simple and solid construction
2.            Optimal contour adjustment, using individual suspended disc pairs
3.            Exa-Cut distributor complete with stonetrap
4.            50mm drain hoses complete with specially designed rubber boot outlets
5.            Automatic Drop-Stop prevents soiling of headlands, leakage on streets and agricultural roads
6.            Fully sealed storage of discs means minimum maintenance is required
7.            Easy installation onto and removal from 4 point linkage

Bomech Disc Injector Specification

Outlets/Dist  Weight  Transport Macerator
6.4m Bomech Injector  32 / 20cm 1,050kg 2.8m YES
7.2m Bomech Injector  36 / 20cm  1,150kg 2.8m  YES