6” Autofill                                           HI Spec-AutoFill-01
6” side autofill       (side mounted for 1 side only)

8” Autofill
8” side autofill       (side mounted for 1 side only)
8” centre autofill   (can fill either side)

8” Turbofill
8” turbofill



No waiting around…..keep on the move. You the operator are in complete control, all from the comfort of your cab. Our hydraulically operated autofill maximizes productivity and operator comfort whilst also reducing work time.

Available in either 6 or 8”, the autofill requires only one double acting valve for use. The autofill is side mounted as standard, with an option for centre mounted to fill from both sides.


Experience the ultimate in filling speed with a turbofill. A hydraulically driven turbofill enables higher capacities at a faster rate without overloading the pump. This will reduce the filling time as the slurry is essentially forced into the tank via the turbofill.

The turbofill is particularly suited to larger capacity tankers where the benefit of filling will be seen in shorter times. It can also help where the level of the pit has dropped and the vacuum pump is pulling slurry from greater depths.


6″ autofill brackets only
6” side mounted autofill
6″ automatic shut-off tripod
8″ centre autofil

8″ autofill brackets only
8″ side mounted autofill
8″ automatic shut-off tripod
8” Turbofill

HI Spec-AutoFill-Tanker02HI Spec-AutoFill-Tanker03