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The Vogelsang Rotacut works when placed on the suction side of a pump. The Rotacut effectively reduces floating solids in the liquid stream. Heavy solids are captured in the collection basin and eliminated entirely from the tanker. The Rotacut requires one double acting valve to operate. The Rotacut requires direct contact between the blades and the cutting screen. This is how it achieves the scissor-like cut. The blades are designed to wear over time but must wear evenly to achieve maximum lifecycle between replacements.

Auto Reverse

Auto-Reverse is how the Rotacut handles large objects by reversing the rotation of the blades until the object is cleared, reduced and passed through the screen. Auto-Reverse engages at preset intervals which keeps the blades wearing evenly. The trailing edge of the blade is sharpened as a natural effect of the cutting process. When the rotation is reversed a fresh straight edge enhances the cutting quality of the blades.



monitor mapping…


– Rugged construction
– Compact 4.3” colour display
– Intuitive user interface
– 15 built-in LED lights
– One built-in GPS receiver
– Quick installation

The Trimble EZ Guide 250 system is an entry level display providing high quality guidance capabilities at entry level price. It is ideal for farmers who desire basic precision agriculture functionality for fields that require lower accuracy corrections.

The EZ Guide 250 provide basic precision agriculture functionalities, including:

Coverage, point, line, and area mapping.
Manual guidance for a number of field patterns.
Hands free guidance be adding EZ Steer assisted steering system.
Data transfer between the field to the office with a USB drive.